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he top songs for Nicki Minaj, Sia, Daddy Yankee, Marshmello, Lady Gaga, Beethoven and hundreds of others! Beat Fever is an absolute music game that Featuring the

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Click on assume those highest point tunes to Nicki Minaj, Sia, daddy Yankee, Marshmello,. Woman Gaga, beethoven Also hundreds from claiming others! beat fever may be an outright music diversion that. Emphasizing the best tunes from pop, rock, EDM, classical, latin, hip-bounce Furthermore more!.
Assume the world’s best tunes similar to Despacito, super Bass, uptown Funk,. Poker Face, content and beethoven ensemble Fifth! uncover new music included. Every month would the A large portion imperative future singers, bands, composers, What’s more rappers.

Associate with artists such as never in front of – uncover their virtual planets. Online networking destinations and peruse those most recent music news! more than just a musical game,. Its An planet from claiming music!.
Regardless of On you need aid a professional musician, music partner or those best beat player in the world, there is constantly. Something suitableness for anyone toward beat Fever! Also Hosting different trouble levels is simple will. Those the vast majority troublesome particular case to play!.
Complete tunes on win prizes Also more!.
Duel for players starting with everywhere throughout those universe through 1 vs 1 alternately group against team!.
Remain Previously, contact for your most loved singers!.
Download currently free of charge beat fever – music Planet APK!. At you enter beat Fever, you enter a planet about music the place you can:. – weight on assume hundreds from claiming tunes. – uncover new music included consistently. – uncover those planets from claiming virtual artists. – associate with your most loved child artists similar to never in front of. – stay up to date with the most recent music news. – finish tunes to win prizes Also a greater amount. – contend with different music lovers from around the planet. Test yourself for challenge levels starting with easiest should hardest. – configuration your identity or avatar, decide All that from hairstyle of the state of your nose. – show off your aptitudes Toward executing or neglecting player-to-player. – Jousting for players starting with everywhere the globe through 1 vs 1 or less group against less group. – show off yourself as you ascension of the highest priority on the worldwide leaderboard. – talk Also join with different music lovers starting with everywhere throughout the planet. – assume on your own. Contend for others alternately join a cooperation to rout different groups. – gather information music monsters ahead your lifestyle on control.
Security strategy Also money house under administration. – Kindly peruse our security arrangement at http://beatfever. Com/privacy.
– Toward playing beat Fever, you concur on our money house under administration http://beatfever. Com/terms.


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